Sense 6 Available for T-Mobile HTC One M7

As if any owner of a HTC One M7 that frequents Android news sites does not already have it, Sense 6 is now officially available for the T-Mobile HTC One M7. If you are still running stock unrooted with the correct CID, head to settings and enjoy your official Sense 6 update. Or enjoy whatever […]

HTC Unveils the HTC One mini 2

HTC announced a little brother to the HTC One M8, the HTC One mini 2. Bringing the same beautiful design to a smaller package, the HTC One mini 2 is for those looking for something smaller. Unfortunately, focusing on size sometimes means skimping on internals. The HTC One mini 2 goes down to a 4.5 inch […]

Moto G LTE is Announced

Motorola has announced a slightly updated Moto G, one with LTE and micro SD card support. The Moto G LTE will come carrier unlocked and retail for $219. Besides the addition of LTE and a micro SD card slot, the other specs are the same as the 3G version of the Moto G. This means that […]

Motorola Announces Moto E Along with $129 Price Tag

Continuing their focus on bringing affordable smartphones to the world, Motorola has announced the Moto E. The Moto E will be available in over 40 countries in the coming weeks and is priced at $129, less than half of the $337 that the average smartphone costs in 2013. In the announcement, Motorola points out that […]