LG G Watch Orders Start to Ship

The first LG G Watches started to ship yesterday, bringing good news to those of us that cannot wait to get our hands on one. I received my email at 1 A.M. Eastern time, and delivery shows it will be in my deprived hands on Monday. Reach out and let me know if you are […]

Pre-order T-Mobile LG G3 Now for $598

The T-Mobile LG G3 is available for pre-order on their site for $598. It will be available in stores on the 16th, and the fine print says that pre-orders will ship by July 15th. As always, T-Mobile will spread the full purchase price over 24 months for approved buyers. This means you can get the […]

Android 4.4.3 Changelog and Device Rollout

Yes it’s that time again. Where Google bathes us tech-junkies with another update for Android. This update brings us up to Android 4.4.3 and is currently being rolled out onto Nexus devices and GPE (Google Play Edition) devices. Various reports state that not much has changed to the overall UI of devices, other than a […]

Sprint Opens Up Equipment Protection to Everyone in June

For the entire month of June, Sprint is allowing any customer to add device protection to their account. Normally device protection must be added at the time of purchase, but Sprint is allowing it to be added to any phone, tablet, modem, netbook, or notebook this month. This applies to all three tiers of device […]

$100 Off Moto X on June 4th & 5th

Motorola is doing everything in it’s power to make you notice them. They are not only attacking the smartphone market with great devices (Moto X), but also attacking the price point of smartphones (Moto G & E). Starting at 12 a.m. ET on June 4th, you can grab a great device at entry level pricing. […]

US Carrier LG G3 Pre-Order Information

Yesterday was full of new for LG fans. Between the fantastic specs, the beautiful screen, or the fact that they added a removable battery, LG’s press event was packed full of info. Unless you wanted a price or release date that is. The four major carriers quickly posted pages so you can sign up for […]

Google Camera Updated to Version 2.2.024

  Google Camera has updated to version 2.2.024 this evening, bringing back timers and the ability to choose 4:3 or 16:9. Google has also added fisheye and wide angle to the panorama setting. Head to the Play Store to update the app and enjoy. Image Credits: Google