Official CyanogenMod 10.2 (4.3) nightlies for the Verizon Note 2


For those of you sitting on CM 10.1 (4.2.2) and waiting for CM 10.2 (4.3) to be official…  Your wait is over as of today. Not to say there aren’t bugs, keep in mind these are nightlies. You should expect some bugs and to flash at your own risk. It’s looking to be more of a daily driver than the unofficial CM 10.2 release by sbrissen.

I’ve read reports of people dirty flashing this with out having a hitch. My advice?  Do a full wipe and start with a clean slate. Dirty flashing from nightly to nightly is a different story, but going from one Android version to the next is a whole new ball game. Get them baby wipes out and get nice and clean. You can always use Titanium Backup or other back up services to get your apps and data back, if that’s your thing (I don’t recommend them either).

There it is folks!  XDA Recognized developer sbrissen is working his magic on the next version of Android for CyanogenMod.

If you’re waiting for CM 10.2 to be a tad bit more stable, CM 10.1 will hold you over just fine. As most of you know, there’s not a huge difference between 4.2.2 and 4.3, but it’s always fun to have the latest and greatest on our devices.

Check out sbrissen’s thread on XDA for all of the details

Check out Adam Outlet’s one click root, unlock and TWRP tool.

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