Android version 4.2.2 update and Sense 5 tweaks coming to the HTC One


HTC One 4.2.2 features

One of this years king of the hill (if not the king) is getting Android version 4.2.2 update around the world.  The update includes just about everything we’ve come to love and enjoy with 4.2.2 and  then some. There’s also been some Sense 5 complaints addressed. You can expect to see -

*  Instagram can be enabled in to Blink Feed

*  Day Dreams screen saver

*  4.2.2 quick settings toggle, which also moved the power saver there

*  lock screen widgets (even if it’s only one)

*  screen shots instantly shareable

* They removed that god awful black bar on the bottom in certain apps and remmapped a long press of the home button

* A swipe up of the Home button to get to Google Now

* They took the few steps it took to change your home dock to one simple step (like most launchers)

* New templates in “video highlights”

I’m sure there’s more, but those are some pretty hefty updates there alone. 4.2.2 is live in parts of Europe and Asia at the moment and shouldn’t be long before we see them here in the states.

4.2.2 and some Sense 5 tweaks made a kick ass phone just that much more kick ass!

Source: Android Central

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