Deal Alert – The Walking Dead: Compendium 1 & 2

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead television series and have not picked up the comic yet, here is your chance. The Walking Dead: Compendium Volume 1 and Volume 2 are currently on sale on Google play for $7.99 and $3.99. The Walking Dead: Compendium 1 covers issues 1-48, and The Walking Dead: Compendium 2 […]

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Review – Edge of Tomorrow

I am not a big gamer on my phone or tablet, but I do appreciate a well put together game that can kill a few minutes for me without making me want to throw my device across the room(I am a sore loser). My latest time waster is Edge of Tomorrow. It is based off […]

Review – Balx Icon Theme

 Balx Icon Theme +AndreaCorvi, designer of KooGoo, Quadro, and Crycle icon themes for Apex, Nova, and other third party launchers has come up with yet another beautifully crafted icon pack named Balx. Balx icon theme features over 1,750 rounded icons with a subtle shadow effect towards the bottom right, giving app icons a 3D look. App […]

Game Review- Hill Climb Racing – Sean

Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft is a painfully addicting game. It is a simple side-scrolling racing game but the sheer amount of options you have is amazing. Vehicles ranging from a starter jeep all the way up to a children’s amusement park train ride ( yes you can buy it) with other cars like dragsters, […]

Deal Alert – LG G Watch 25% Off

It is not quite the 50% off that LG G3 users can get, but 25% off of the LG G Watch is still a great deal. Over on slickdeals, user sid7 noticed that AT&T classified the LG G Watch as an accessory. And AT&T has had a long standing special where you get 25% off when […]

Tip – Swap the Band on Your LG G Watch

  Everyone has different preferences when it comes to style. Others like myself are simply allergic to rubber. What ever your reason, you do not have to be stuck with the band that comes on your LG G Watch. It is very easy to change, and you do not even need any special tools. **Do […]

LG G Watch Hands On

The initial batch of LG G Watches have started to arrive, and I am lucky enough to have landed one. I currently use a Pebble and love everything it does for me, so my hopes for the LG G Watch are pretty big. This is not a review – I have had it less than […]

AT&T LG G3 Available July 11th

AT&T has announced that the latest and greatest from LG, the LG G3, will be available in stores on July 11th. The AT&T LG G3 will be available for preorder online on July 8th if you would rather have it delivered to your front door. It will set you back $199 on a 2 year […]