New Mobile Share Value Plans Coming to AT&T on December 8th


AT&T announced new “Mobile Share Value Plans” that will be available starting December 8th. New customers and existing residential and business customers that are not tied to a two-year contract will be eligible to switch.

These new plans are designed to save off-contract customers money each month by offering shared data tiers similar to how the existing on-contract shared data plans work.  The key difference is the price point; the line access charge starts at $25 per month for unlimited talk and text with the shared data allowances starting at $20 for 300 MB up to $150 for 20 GB. The full chart can be found here.

AT&T’s on-contract shared data plans (found here) have varying rates for each phone depending on type of phone and how big of a data bundle you purchased. A quick comparison of 3 smartphones sharing 10 GB of data shows that you can potentially save $35 each month with the new plan ($210 vs. $175/monthly.)

Any changes to carrier plans rewarding off-contract customers are good changes. Head to the link below and see if this benefits you if you are off contract. Do announcements like this make you want more likely to ditch contracts and purchase phones at full price? Chime in and give us your opinion.

Source: AT&T
Via: Phonedog

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