10 Best Icon Packs for Apex, Nova, Go, and Other Launchers – February 2014

Hello Android Lovers! Many quality icon packs and themes are coming from developers these days. Getting straight to the topic, here are the 10 best icon packs of my choice for February 2014 (in no specific order). The majority of these icon packs and themes usually work with all the launchers listed below.

  • Nova Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Action Launcher
  • ADW Launcher/EX
  • GO Launcher EX
  • Next Launcher 3D
  • Holo Launcher
  • Desktop Visualizer

1) Lumos Icon Pack – $1.99

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Lumos icon pack by +Kovdev features over 1500+ hand-crafted, squarish icons with curved corners. The icons have a flat matte look with a long shadow to the bottom right. Lumos icon pack also includes a cloud based wallpaper gallery, category based icon picker, custom docks, and a multi-featured dashboard application.

Read our full review of Lumos icon pack here.

2) Lyra Icon Theme – $1.99

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Lyra icon theme by +Nathaniel Webb features about 600 nicely designed square icons with a smooth finish along with a hint of shadow. I really like the app drawer icon included in the theme.  8 wallpapers from noted Android artists, and a theme dashboard app also come bundled with the icons.

3) Cryten – $1.49

Get it on Google Play


Cryten theme by +Victor Vucinic for Apex, Nova, and ADW launchers includes 1220+ flat, colorful, rounded HD icons with icon masking support. It also features 33 HD matching wallpapers, many alternative icons for basic apps, ability to change app theme, and a dashboard app.

4) OnePX – $1.39

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OnePX theme by +Dev Fraom for Go, Apex, and Nova launchers features simple, clean, and flat squared icons. These icons are colorful and brings a unique look to your device. It also includes matching wallpapers, a custom skin, and a dashboard app to apply theme and wallpaper and request for more icons.

5) Circlons Icon Pack – $1.99

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Circlons icon pack/theme by +GauravSeth comes with 1730+ beautifully designed, rounded icons with 25 color backs, icon masking for apps not themed and long shadows towards bottom left. This icon pack also includes 32 cloud based wallpapers to match the icons and a dashboard app. Developer also made a matching Zooper Pro widget skin available. You can get it for free here.

6) Pixelicious Icon Pack – $1.29

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Pixelicious Icon Pack by Jenning is a unique icon pack featuring 1250+ gorgeous 8-bit icons with a long shadow towards the bottom. These are optimized for 1080p displays and also include a matching wallpaper. Developer advises to set the icon size to 105% for best look.

7) Neon Pixelz – $1.39

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Neon Pixels theme by +ChrisMorales (kxnt) for Go, Nova, Apex, and other major launchers contains 400+ pixelated and colorful squarish icons with app logos at the center. Developer suggests to set the icon size to large for Go, 120% for Apex and 105% for Nova launchers. It also includes 9 matching dark wallpapers. 

8) ClearPack – $0.99

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Clear Pack icon pack by +Jinesh Shah features 275+ rounded icons with app logos in various shapes in XXXHDPI resolution. It works with all major third party launchers and also include 4 matching wallpapers and a simple dashboard app to apply the theme and request for more icons.

9) Shadow – $1.49

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Shadow icon pack by +Theme Studio features 600+ colorful and squarish icons. It works with all major launchers and includes 6 matching wallpapers, a flip retro clock UCCW, Zooper Pro widget, and a dashboard app to apply theme and request for more icons.

10) Flat iOS 7 – $1.99

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Flat iOS7 theme by Sonny Sekhon for Apex, Nova, and other launchers brings iOS7 look to your app icons. It includes 980+ squarish HD icons with rounded corners, 8 matching HD wallpapers, and a dashboard app to apply theme, wallpaper, and request more icons.

Hope you all like these 10 icon packs. As always, hit the comments section below, and let us know about your favorite icon pack.

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