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Yet another icon pack review from your friends at AFN.  

Today we’re going over Lumos Icon Pack by +Kovdev, who earlier designed famous icon packs like Lustre, Tersus, Nox, and Versicolor.

Lumos Icon Pack features over 1450 square-ish icons with rounded corners and over 18+ unique wallpapers designed specifically by famous artists +Ted Bates Jr, +Pedro Peguero Jr., +Wayne Drescher Jr., and +Nathaniel Webb.

The icons themselves are quite nice. They have a flat-matte look to them with a long shadow being cast down to the bottom right as if being lit up from the top-left. Easiness on the eyes with its soft colors and smooth rounded edges must have been at the forefront of the design teams’ mind, and it shows. The icons are very welcoming and not at all aggressive in their look.

Lumos Icon Pack will be released on the Google Play Store this Friday, January 24th, 2014. It will go on sale for $1.99.  Stay tuned to Kovdev’s Google Play Store page to get this icon pack. Meanwhile check out our screenshots below!

Update : It is live on Google Play Store now for $1.99.

Get it on Google Play

Source : Kovdev’s Google Play Store page , +Kovdev on Google Plus

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