Holofication of Your Apps


Android 4.0 brought with it the Holo theme that we all love so much. It was one of the most significant changes to the OS in terms of user experience, and it started the trend of  designing apps that better blend into our favorite OS. But now, there is nothing more frustrating to see than an app or icon look out of place with different design cues etc.

Enter Holofication, a 2 member project (Connor Kirkby and Brandon D’Souza) from XDA-Developers, that aims to solve these little aesthetically ill pleasing problems. They open up and recode these apps, fixing what ever mistakes that were made by the original developer.  The community is 750+ members in strength and still growing. They have already managed to Holofy 4 apps, namely Instagram, Grooveshark, Steam, and Snapchat. They are taking suggestions for new apps to fix via their Google+ community.

Root is not required. Simply uninstall the original app, and side-load the modified apk files, which can be downloaded form the XDA Forum thread.


Source : Android Authority

Image Credits: Android Authority

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