Carbon ROM KitKat Nightlies Begin Rolling out Today!


Great news for Carbon ROM fans, like me. Today is the day we’ve been patiently waiting for! Carbon ROM is now rolling out their first set of official KitKat nightly builds for a ton of devices. The developers decided to begin on the one year anniversary of Carbon ROM’s creation.

The revamped website to organize all the goodies is now online and serving up fresh, KitKat flavored, Carbon just for you. There’s a new downloader app in the Google Play Store that will remove the team’s dependence on and their remarkably unstable service as of late. There’s a Gerrit up now just for Carbon ROM as well. There’s a new logo for the team and a better nightly updater. Overall, the team says that it’s been a busier two month hiatus than it seems on the surface.

So if you’re ready to get your flash on, just open up the Carbon Downloader app, and grab the for your device. If it isn’t available right now, check back later, as some devices may still be building, or there may not be a maintainer for your device. Make sure you do a full wipe (factory reset) before flashing the new nightlies to avoid any potential issues. If you plan to restore data, make sure you aren’t restoring any system data. User apps and their respective data should be fine to restore. Flash the ROM and KitKat Gapps, and enjoy your awesome new ROM!

If you need help or have a question, Carbon ROM has an awesome G+ Community and an IRC Channel (#teamcarbon), both of which yours truly is a part of. Let me know what you think about Carbon ROM in the comments below!

Source: Carbon ROM

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