T-Mobile and Developer Edition Moto X Soak Test Invitations Going Out


Good news for Moto X owners with the T-Mobile SIM unlocked XT1053 handsets. It looks like the Android 4.4.2 is just around the corner for us. Motorola support forum members who signed up for the Motorola Feedback Network started receiving their invitations today.

Canadian Moto X owners have their Android 4.4.2 update rolling out already and, back here in the United States, there are Sprint and Verizon owners reporting in that they are starting to see the update as well. Those of us with the T-Mobile or unlocked XT1053 version of the Moto X can’t be too far behind. As for AT&T Moto X owners – as usual, who knows?

You guys excited? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credits: Android Fan Network

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