BBM for Android Singup page goes Live


Good news if you are waiting for Blackberry messenger to come on Android Operating System. BBM for Android and iPhone signup page went live.

Though there is no information of exact date on which BBM for Android will be made available, you can now register at blackberry website ( source link below ) and be among the first to find out when BBM is available on Android and iPhone.

Blackberry(earlier RIM ) has been working on dedicated messaging application for other platforms like Android and iOS from past few months. Though some may feel it’s a welcome move by Blackberry buy we should wait for more time to see how BBM for Android & it’s features compares with already existing Hangouts messaging app for Android.

Source : BBM for Android Signup page

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  • khsharpe

    hangouts is a dog’s breakfast of an app for so many people – it’s so bad it’s damaging the Google brand. Simply read the latest several thousand reviews for it on Google Plaitf you want an idea of how it functions and how many people feel about it, including myself. I was lucky enough to find my way back to Google Talk on my phone, I refuse to update back to hangouts. Google hangouts will be no competition to if BBMt functions at all well. It seems to me that the closest comparison to BBM’s description is WhatsApp?