AT&T Galaxy Express Receives 4.1.2 Update



Why am I still awake after 4:00 AM on a Tuesday? I have no idea. But, my insomnia allowed me to catch the update notification on my AT&T Galaxy Express. This update will put your phone out of commission for about 5 minutes while it downloads and installs. It isn’t the significant upgrade to 4.2 that many users are hoping for, but I am of the opinion that any update is better than no update at all. Unfortunately, I don’t have the change log for this update, but I will update this article if I notice anything significant.

To update your Express:

1. Open the Settings app.
2. Scroll down to About Device.
3. After you tap About Device, hit the Software update option.
4. From there you have two options. Check for updates or Continue update. Select whichever isn’t greyed out.

Enjoy Android 4.1.2!

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Nick is an accounting and finance double major who loves everything Android. Aside from smartphones, his hobbies consist of ultimate frisbee, running, reading, and working on cars.

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