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Kittehface Software has been making high-quality OpenGL live wallpapers for Android since their first release of Galactic Core in March of 2010. For this Christmas season, you can checkout Snowfall Live Wallpaper and Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper. Both give you a fully functional live wallpaper scene of the winter forest with snow falling. The free version includes multiple rows of trees that shift at different rates when swipe across the home screen to giving you a nice parallax effect through the forest. It is important to note Kittehface Software does not use pre-rendered static images in their live wallpapers  so you can rotate the screen on your device at will and there are no issues with the image being clipped.


While the free version for Snowfall Live Wallpaper give you the default options, the paid version gives you access to a number of options including adding a touch of Christmas to the scene. Snowflake type, density, falling speed and left to right variation can all be tweaked to be quite realistic. The backdrops can be changed from the default cloudy daytime to a sunset, full moon, or bright morning and you can add effects such as aurora borealis or change the color and intensity of the ambient light in the scene (this last one can even be set to change based on time of the day).  The final scene option deals with the tree movement: you can toggle this to have trees always swaying to mimic a breeze effect or only when swiping between home screens.


For adding the Christmas effects, you have a few more options. Start with Christmas lights in the trees: you may use either white, multicolored, or you can set your own color lights. There is another option for Santa Claus to be seen flying across the sky occasionally and another setting for more frequent random appearances as you approach Christmas.


Kittehface Software has been releasing some of the most gorgeous (and most imitated) OpenGL live wallpapers out there and  Snowfall Live Wallpaper is not an exception. At 99¢ for the paid and a “no-ad” free version, get the original and you will not be disappointed.

Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper:

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Snowfall Live Wallpaper:

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