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Christmas HD

Christmas HD

Already enjoying Christmas Live Wallpaper on your phone? Looking for a different Christmas themed live wallpaper for your tablet? Search no further, Christmas HD is here to help.

Christmas HD is a live wallpaper that gives you total control. The base wallpaper is the same, set in a big room with a fireplace, table, and Christmas tree. You then choose one of three themes: Classic Noel, The Night Before Christmas, and Christmas Morning. From there you set your own pictures from your gallery onto the wall, the mantel, and the table. You can then put names on the stocking hanging on the mantel, create a custom note for Santa, and the list goes on. There are 47 total options to configure. Do not be overwhelmed as most of the choices are simple, such as what type of tree topper you want. The good thing about this is that you can skip over anything you want, as there are default selections made. The app also includes Daydream sceensaver (for devices running 4.2 and above).

To see the entire scene from Christmas HD, you must use 5 home screens. This app also works on your phone, but looks much better on a bigger screen. Christmas HD is very detailed and looks great on my Nexus 7. I am really impressed by the depth of the image, it adds a nice touch. There are no ads, but there is an outdoor scene you can purchase for an additional .99¢; the app itself is .99¢. Check out some of the pictures below and then head to the link to show off your festive side.


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