ESPN Fantasy Football App Review

Every true football fan knows that Football season is around the corner and its now time to get ready and get all your fantasy teams and leagues created before the start of the season.  So for all you die-hard football fans, like me, who not only love to watch you favorite sports team on television every sunday and monday.  Then I have the app for you.  It’s ESPN fantasy football app. I have been using this app for years. This free application on the the Google Play Store provides great functionalablility to the average user  as it provides you with the ability to add players that have not been drafted yet, it also allows to drop a player that have been injured or they are just not working out by not giving you enough points for your team, and you also can trade your players you don’t need with other members in your league. You can see all the latest scores and sports updates through the NFL so you can always stay up to date. You have access to everything in your league like your team standings, scoreboard and more.  I like the fact that everything is at your fingertips so you never miss a thing.  Check out the sample screen shots below.


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Features include:

•Team Management: Start/bench players, add, drop, and claim players off waivers, propose, accept or reject trades with other managers

•Fantasy Cast Live Scoring and Stats: Real-time scoring and detailed information for all your match-ups.

•Personalized Push Notifications for injuries, substitutions, and scoring updates.

•Fantasy News, Videos and Tweets from ESPN’s fantasy analysts.

•View and post messages to your league’s message board

Source: Google Play


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