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I am not a big gamer on my phone or tablet, but I do appreciate a well put together game that can kill a few minutes for me without making me want to throw my device across the room(I am a sore loser). My latest time waster is Edge of Tomorrow. It is based off of the movie of the same title and has a simple premise: kill aliens while running across the beach to reach your waypoint.

This game is straight forward and has great graphics, but what sets it apart for me are the controls. There are plenty of first person shooters on the Play Store that have good graphics, but your screen is crammed full of “buttons” making game play next to impossible. Edge of Tomorrow is simple, the left half of the screen moves you, the right half controls where you look/aim. The game reloads for you automatically and shoots when you point the crosshairs at an alien. That is it, you run around and aim your crosshairs at aliens, the rest is taken care of. The game mimics the movie, which means when you die you will “learn” from your death so you do not die the same way again. If an alien ambushes and kills you, you respawn but will have a ghost image showing where your death occurs allowing you to be prepared for the ambush.

For the price of free and with no in app purchases, you cannot beat this game. It will unlock an upgraded character if you share on Facebook, but it is not required and will easily let you select no. Head to the link below to get started and let me know if you enjoyed the movie.

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