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Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft is a painfully addicting game. It is a simple side-scrolling racing game but the sheer amount of options you have is amazing. Vehicles ranging from a starter jeep all the way up to a children’s amusement park train ride ( yes you can buy it) with other cars like dragsters, police cars, a segway, monster truck, big rig truck (semi), A FRACKING TANK, hovercraft etc.

Within each vehicle choice you are given certain skills to power up be it engine, 4-wheel drive ability, tires, suspension, battery charge, fuel reserve (for the tank), stability, down force and so on. There is also a plethora of levels to choose from, 20 in total, from the countryside to alien planets and cave and ice caverns.

Premise of the game is simple, get as far as you can before running out of fuel or flipping and killing yourself. Simple right? Not so fast. It is actually very tough. Sure you could go balls out with speed and hope you dont crash, but there are well- hills and canyons. going too fast without compensating with your suspension will have you bouncing all over making it harder to control the car. Front end going too high, step on the gas to lower. Back end too high, step on the brakes.

Your fuel consumption Raye stays the same regardless of vehicle or engine level, but as the levels progress, Gerry cans of fuel are farther and farther apart.

The game is so simple but the actual game play itself can be extremely hard at times. I have found myself absorbed to the point where I played for an hour and didn’t even notice it.

As with most games, this is considered a “Freemium” game. In game purchases are available for more coins to unlock new levels or vehicles. There is a free way to get coins aside from just laying the game, like them on Facebook through the game for some coinage or watch some ads for coins as well. Simply pllaying the game can garner enough coins to get you going and get hooked.

I highly recommend this game for the sheer fact that it can be so addictive and fun.

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