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Everyone has different preferences when it comes to style. Others like myself are simply allergic to rubber. What ever your reason, you do not have to be stuck with the band that comes on your LG G Watch. It is very easy to change, and you do not even need any special tools.

**Do at your own risk. This is simple and completely reversible, but Android Fan Network is not responsible for anything you do.**

The LG G Watch ships with a standard 22MM band and therefore can be replaced with any 22MM band you choose. There are tons available on Amazon, so go wild. I am currently using a cheap leather band and have this nylon band on the way. I used a butter knife to do this, but you can buy the official tool that the pros use, like this one for $6.

The process is really simple. Each band is simply held on the watch by a single metal pin that is spring loaded at either end. Both ends have one or two tiny rings that you grip, then simply compress the pin to pull it out of the watch body. The tool has a forked end, but you can simply use a butter knife like I did to compress the spring. You only need to compress one end and the band will slide out. Then simply put the new band in doing the reverse.

Here is my set up:

IMAG0368_wmYou simply slide the knife or tool into the small gap between the edge of the band and the edge of the watch body. The rings on the pin are there, simply grip the ring with the knife, press in, and take the band off. **Be careful, it is spring loaded, so it could fly out. I just used my finger to keep it from going anywhere.**

This is the first time I have performed a watch band swap, and I completed it in less than 5 minutes. If it still seems a little intimidating, you can alway head on down to the local watch repair shop or kiosk in your mall and pay them to swap it for you. Good luck and share some pictures of your finished product.

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