Deal Alert – LG G Watch 25% Off

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It is not quite the 50% off that LG G3 users can get, but 25% off of the LG G Watch is still a great deal. Over on slickdeals, user sid7 noticed that AT&T classified the LG G Watch as an accessory. And AT&T has had a long standing special where you get 25% off when you purchase 3 accessories at once. So sid7 simply found two of the cheapest items AT&T sells to add to your cart as filler items, and presto, 3 accessories for 25% off.

ATT LG G Watch Sale


This brings the $229 LG G Watch(along with the two filler items) down to $179.25 plus tax along with free shipping. If this interests you, you might want to hurry as AT&T has a bad habit of canceling orders with no explanation. Good luck and let us know if you plan on grabbing one.

Source: slickdeals


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