AT&T LG G3 Available July 11th

LG G 3

AT&T has announced that the latest and greatest from LG, the LG G3, will be available in stores on July 11th. The AT&T LG G3 will be available for preorder online on July 8th if you would rather have it delivered to your front door.

It will set you back $199 on a 2 year contract, $24.17 on AT&T Next 18, and $29 on AT&T Next 12. No price was listed for a full price off contract purchase. But the biggest news from this announcement was the fact that AT&T will discount the LG G watch a full 50% if you purchase both the LG G watch and LG G3 at the same time. This is a huge discount for a brand new device that is currently only available on the Google Play Store.

Are you grabbing the LG G3? If so, are you going to take advantage of the 50% off LG G Watch as well? Let us know in the comments!

Source: AT&T

Image Credits: AT&T

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