App Review: dscout


Everyone has an app nowadays. It seems like you can find an app for anything. Well, dscout is an app that can PAY YOU.

It’s fairly simple; download the app from the Play Store, create a profile, and start applying to participate in surveys.

It is very simple, companies send their surveys to dscout. You then apply for the survey that you want to participate in, and if chosen, they pay you for completing “missions”.

Some are very simple, like taking a picture and submitting a snippet every time you eat something. Others are more in depth and can consist of upwards of 10 snippets.

Once selected for a survey, your mission leader will be in contact with you through the app alerts or email to inform you of any updates, changes, or information regarding how much time is left to finish the survey.

The amount you can earn varies from survey to survey. I’ve completed a few so far, two for $50 each, and one for $20. I have even applied for one that has a top pay out of $500!

Once a survey is complete, they send a check to the address you’ve provided and should arrive within three weeks. Yes, the wait time can suck, and yes, it would be cool if they had an option to get paid via PayPal. But hey, in this economy, anything helps so why not give it a go!

The app is free to download here.

Go ahead, give it a whirl and see how much you can help out, plus you make some cash in the process.

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