Deal Alert – T-Mobile HTC One M8 Down to $588

TMobile M8

Everyone has their favorite phone, and for me the HTC One M8 is the best so far this year. When you weigh in price, speed of updates, warranty, build quality, and general feel, it is hard to beat the HTC One M8.

Now, T-Mobile is making the HTC One M8 even more enticing. Normally priced at $636, they are offering it on sale for $588. There is no end date listed and I saw this sale last week last for less than 24 hours so act fast if you have been holding out for one.

When comparing the locked T-Mobile version to the Developer Edition or unlocked variant straight from HTC available at $699, you are saving $111. And T-Mobile will let you finance the phone interest free for 24 months making this deal even easier on your wallet. Something else to remember, the T-Mobile variant is the only M8 to have all bands required for full 3G/4G support in all areas. The unlocked or Developer Edition are simply unbranded AT&T M8’s. They will get 3G/4G in refarmed areas just fine, but wander into an area that T-Mobile has not upgraded and back to 2G you go.

Source: T-Mobile

Image Credits: HTC

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