Review – Slickwraps Carbon Fiber Wrap for the Pebble Watch


Slickwraps is one of just two wrap manufactures (out of many) I have tried that puts out a “perfect fit” wrap. The Black Carbon wrap for the Pebble Watch is cut to fully cover the watch with no overhanging sections that can snag and lift. Not too big or small, the wrap was cut perfect. Installation is easy enough after following the video. Pay attention to which side goes to the bottom of the watch face (the wider section) and which end is up on the Pebble since they are different. Also, hold the bottom section up off the Pebble when installing the screen protector and you’ll have no issues.

Once on, the wrap is not going to peel or lift like some others. Again, the cut of the wrap is to the edges, but with no overhanging where it can snag on a shirt sleeve. Slickwraps takes it a step further and extends their Pebble wrap around the bottom of the watch, along with providing button covers. A extra nice little touch are matching wraps for the charging cable’s magnetic and USB-A ends. The Black Carbon wrap looks great and changes the Pebble from a large chuck of glossy plastic on your wrist to something eye catching. I like that the carbon fiber is an actual texture instead of printed on pattern because of the way it reflects light at different points in the “weave” of it. You can check the video to see what I mean, as this does makes the wrap pop out.

Slickwraps has ten colors available in the carbon fiber pattern or pick one of the other nine series of wrap patterns if this series is not your thing. Or, if you have a colored Pebble Watch and don’t want to hide it, they have a clear full-body wrap as well. You can get these for around nine dollars on their website,

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