Motorola Announces More Enhancements to the Moto X

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Imagine a world in which a phone manufacturer wanted to push out an update to their flagship phone, and it actually happened without being held up by a carrier. Crazy, right? Well, if you own a Moto X, you know that Motorola has managed to do this by updating the apps through the Play Store. They are at it again, bringing updates to Touchless Control, Motorola Migrate, Active Display, and Moto Assist.

  • Touchless Control: Added the ability to say “OK Google Now, what’s up?” This prompts your Moto X to read aloud any pending notifications.
  • Motorola Migrate: Added the ability to choose what content you want to transfer.
  • Active Display: Added the ability to enable notification vibrations and choose which apps show up on Active Display.
  • Moto Assist: Added compatibility for more built in Bluetooth carkits on select vehicles and improvements to learn your meeting times better.

Check out some screen shots below and head to their blog to see the full announcement.

Source: Motorola

Image Credits: Android Fan Network, Motorola

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