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Hey guys! This is a quick review of the Sony Xperia Z1 Power Jacket battery case, courtesy of Brando Workshop.

If you’ve got a Z1, you know that the battery life isn’t stellar considering its size (3000mAh). You either need to make sure to charge it every evening, carry around a charge cable and hope to be near a plug, or have an external battery pack on hand. I’ve been there a few times. This is where the Power Jacket comes in.

Essentially, it’s a slim case for your Z1. It offers back and side protection. It’s got a cutout for the camera, and a handy little kick stand. The shining feature, though, is the built-in 3200mAh battery pack. It offers a bit of protection and extra juice in a very slim and comfortable case design.

The Power Jacket charges the Z1 via the magnetic charge port on the side. The case itself charges via a micro USB port on the bottom. It slides on the Z1 quite easily and covers up the micro SIM and microSD slot covers. The case is simple enough to get on and off for this not to be an issue. It has a rubbery finish on the back, and a soft, felt material lining the inside.

Overall, the case performs well for the price. I would have liked to have seen some top and bottom protection, considering this is a case. It also would have been great if the battery in the Power Jacket was larger as it doesn’t give out a full charge to the Z1, even though the case battery is higher rated. I do like that I can stop and start the charge by pressing the button on the rear of the Power Jacket, though.

Check out this full video review for a hands on experience.

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