KitKat for T-Mobile LG G2 is now Available



Tired of seeing all of the other carriers have fun upgrading? Well the wait is over if you have the LG G2 on T-Mobile. The full KDZ file is available to download and flash thanks to our friends over at XDA.

Currently there are two methods to flash this, but please read fully before doing either.

  1. The first is to flash the full KDZ file via the LG support tool. This is the same method that you would use to restore to a fully stock state including recovery. There is a full thread here over at XDA that will walk you through how to do this.
  2. The second is only if you are already rooted and running a custom recovery. You would flash the ZIP just like any other ROM. That thread is here.

Remember the part about reading before jumping in? Well here you go:

  • both flashing methods result in you losing the ability to have a custom recovery
  • only the second method will give you root
  • if you upgrade using either of these methods and want to go back to stock 4.2.2 and load a custom recovery, there are some that said they have, but I have not personally tested this myself, so do this knowing you may be stuck for a little bit with the factory recovery
  • even if you flash the ROM with root, Xposed is not yet working for this ROM

Ready to do some more reading? Great, head to the links below and check it out for yourself.

Sources: Full KDZ File, Instructions to Flash a KDZ File, ROM with root

Image Credits: LG

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