Project Ara Developer Conference Set for April

Project Area Handset

To anyone following Project Ara over the past few months, this is welcome news. It’s welcoming because this means that the project is getting closer and closer to a possible end.

If you haven’t been following, Project Ara is the brainchild of ATAP, a Skunkworks division of Google. Ara is built on the idea of a modular phone, in that you, the individual, can swap out the actual hardware pieces of the phone: camera, memory, battery, processor, the lot.

Project Ara Components

Now back to topic at hand. Project Ara is holding 3 developers conferences throughout 2014. The first is being held April 15-16. The focus will be on the MDK, the Module Developers Kit. If you’d like to get involved and possibly attend, you can register here on their main page.

Not a developer? Don’t worry, neither am I. You can participate in the development by joining up with the dscout program, which can be found on their main page.

Have a thought on this? Want to join up and see where this is heading? Keep following us for more details as they come.

Source: Project Ara

Image Credits: Project Ara

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