Verizon Moto X Android 4.4.2 Update Live, Get it Here!


With T-Mobile and US Cellular updates complete, the Android 4.4.2 update for the Verizon Retail and Developer Edition Moto X is official leaving Sprint and AT&T owners next to the party. The new version is build 164.55.2.en.US and is 155.7Mb in size. There does not seem to be anything in the update that we didn’t already see from the other carriers, but the VZW changelog is available for those interested.

If you have not received a notification that this system update is ready then don’t panic, we have you covered. The OTA package and instructions for you to manually install are below.

  • From your Moto X, download the OTA here (mirror) to your internal storage, by default it will save to Download/
  • When the download is complete, power off your Moto X
  • Next, boot into bootloader mode by holding Volume Down and Power
  • At the bootloader screen, use Volume Down and scroll to Recovery, then press Volume Up to select it
  • Once you rebooted into recovery mode you will see No Command. Hold Volume Up and press Power to show the recovery menu
  • Use Volume Down to highlight apply update from sdcard then press Power to enter
  • At the Choose a package to install screen, use the Volume buttons to highlight Download/ and press Power
  • Use the Volume buttons to highlight and press Power
  • The update will start installing and needs 5 minutes to complete. When your Moto X reboots, you will have the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat available.

That’s it, enjoy your KitKat!

Image Credits: Android Fan Network

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