Nexus 7 FHD LTE Receives Verizon Compatibility Update – Get it Here!


The Nexus 7 FHD LTE received a minor bump to Android 4.4.2 Release 2, which is a compatibility update with changes requested by Verizon for certification on their network. If you are using your Nexus 7 FHD LTE on a GSM carrier, you will not likely be prompted to update, but it does show right away after inserting a Verizon SIM and forces you to download over WiFi.

You can try checking your settings for a system update, or sideload the small (37Mb) KVT49L OTA manually using the direct download link and instructions below.

  1. Download and save to your adb folder
  2. Turn your Nexus 7 FHD LTE off, and reboot into bootloader mode by holding Power and Volume Down
  3. Select Recovery using the Volume Up, and press power to confirm
  4. At the red triangle, press Power and Volume Up, and you should see the recovery menu
  5. Use the volume keys again to scroll through the menu to highlight Apply update from adb and press Power to confirm
  6. On your computer, open a terminal window and enter the command:

adb sideload

Let your Nexus 7 FHD LTE do its thing, reboot, and you are all set to “officially” use your Verizon data plan!

Direct Download: Google

The full KVT49L factory image to restore your Nexus 7 FHD LTE is also available here.

Image Credits: Android Fan Network

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