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Ever want to send out a tweet from a website link that takes up almost all of your characters on twitter or send a link to a friend in hangouts being a big blue mess in the conversation. Want to add your own two cents to your tweet but the URL took too many characters?  Have I got the answer for all of you tweeting maniacs.

The URL shrtner app in the Google Play store is the answer to your loooooooong problems. URL shortner takes that long blue link you want to share and maybe add your thought to, to just a few characters that brings the person to the same exact website without the sentences of blue nonsense and gives you more characters for your dopey thoughts (trolol)

For Example. Let’s take a look at Sean’s review of the Star Charting app he just wrote up.

Before the URL shortner –  This is a really great app guys but I’m out of characters on twitter to say more

With URL Shortner – Blah blah blah I have so many characters to really tell you how I feel about this app.

Once URL Shortner is installed it automatically goes in to your share setting for websites, apps etc. Once you share the URL to URL Shortner you’re going to hit “generate URL”, it will give you a shortened URL, you will then hit the copy button and it will be copied to your clipboard. Then simply long press where you’d like to share that itty bitty URL and whoola. You haven’t pissed anyone off with a huge URL or you can add some thoughts because you still have characters to play with.

The next person I see with a huge URL on twitter I’m going to troll you with this article.

Peace and love.

Google Play link for URL shortner

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