HTC One Max Leaks in Clearest Pictures Yet


HTC One Max has leaked in clearest pictures yet thanks to gsminsider. The leaked pictures show the HTC One Max from all sides just a few days before already launch. As already known the One Max will come with Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5, add to that the fingerprint scanner does a lot more than unlocking your One Max. Let’s see how the One Max competes with the Note 3 on launch.

More pictures below.

HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-1 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-2 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-3 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-4 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-5 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-6 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-7 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-8 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-9 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-10 HTC-One-Max-Screen-Protector-Image-11


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