Sprint Opens Up Equipment Protection to Everyone in June

Sprint Open Enrollment 2014

For the entire month of June, Sprint is allowing any customer to add device protection to their account. Normally device protection must be added at the time of purchase, but Sprint is allowing it to be added to any phone, tablet, modem, netbook, or notebook this month.

This applies to all three tiers of device protection that Sprint offers, including protection for devices on Sprint’s prepaid plans. For Sprint post paid customers, either bring the device into a store or visit here to enroll. Boost, Virgin, and Sprint prepaid customers can simply log onto their accounts and add the protection to their account.

Not everyone buys or even uses carrier insurance, but  it is invaluable to those that like to routinely see if their device is waterproof or can fly. If you are one of those people and are on Sprint, head to the link below for the full announcement.

Source: Sprint


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