Netflix Streaming Service Price Increase Now Official


Netflix officially announced a price increase this morning for new HD streaming subscribers, bringing the service from $7.99 to $8.99. Current Netflix members received the below e-mail letting them know their rates would remain at the same rate for the next two years. As an alternative to the $8.99 HD plan, Netflix added a new SD streaming plan for $7.99 which is also limited to a single screen at a time.


What is interesting about the price increase is that this comes after an arrangement to pay COMCAST for direct connection to their subscribers, a definite blow to net neutrality and even stronger case against the pending Time-Warner Cable merger (see page 5).

Is an extra dollar a month enough to make you shop for other streaming services or you sticking with Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Netflix Blog

Image Credits: Android Fan Network

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