Google Docs App Released on Google Play – Again

Remember back when Google Docs made the jump from the browser to Android back in 2011? It gave us a way to natively edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on our Android devices. I remember it too, and it actually kind of sucked. Then came along Google Drive, and the two became one. It sucked less and really got quite good as the product matured. Then Google bought Quickoffice and made it free. With Google Drive integration, that definitely didn’t suck.

Well, Google Drive is still Drive, but now we have a new, separate, Google Docs app for editing documents and Google Sheets app for, you guessed it, editing spreadsheets. The third of the three amigos is a presentation app still in the works.  A notable feature is the ability to create a document from a photo using the apps’s optical character recognition feature, similar to Google Goggles. The new editors are available for users on Android 2.1+ from the Google Play store. What remains to be seen, is what direction Google is going with Quickoffice, and why can Quickoffice handle .docx files while the new editor does not?

Should Google have stayed with a combined Google Docs editor, Google Drive, Quickoffice, some mash-up of the three, or this current mess of document apps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Google, Google Docs, Google Sheets

Image Credits: Google

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