Greenify App No Longer Requires Root Access


Over the past year, the Greenify app has become a hugely popular root-only app for users that like to conserve their RAM and battery life. Good news for those of you that either don’t have a root method for your device or rooting your devices isn’t your thing, but saving that battery life and RAM usage is.

The Greenify app no longer requires a rooted device to enjoy the benefits that Greenify has to offer. The premise of Greenify is to allow you to hibernate apps that may be hogging that precious battery life and RAM without having to completely kill them or disable them in the way Titanium Backup does. Although there are permission restrictions that do require root access for apps to be in hibernation automatically, but the latest release has built in a new feature that somewhat automates the manual process of hibernating (and confirming) apps. There’s also an experimental feature that should take care of those persistent notifications that take advantage of your notification system.

That’s it folks! The beloved Greenify app is now available to use for those of you that don’t have a rooted device and still fully available for us hackers.

Google Play Store link for Greenify

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