Android Fan Network’s Weekly App Picks – January 19

Here are Android Fan Network’s Weekly App Picks from the AFN staff for the week of January 19. These may be apps we can’t live without or apps we just discovered. Either way, we think they are worth sharing with you. If there is an app that you think we may enjoy, send us a tip so we can take a look.

Yahoo Weather – Gavin

I can be a little picky. I want a fully functional yet aesthetically pleasing app. I know looks have nothing to do with the functioning of the app, but I have an HD screen and I want to see every pixel being used. Yahoo Weather meets both of my criteria. It works perfectly showing me current conditions, forecast, hourly, and a radar map all on one screen and it does so in a way that is pleasing to my eyes.

Yahoo Weather uses local pictures from Flickr as the background for the entire app. So if you are looming at the weather in Boston, the background will be random pictures of Boston. This is a nice little touch that separates this Yahoo Weather from the many other weather apps out there. It also displays all pertinent weather info in a simple scrolling window. There are not multiple screens, you just scroll down for all info. Very simple yet full of valuable information. Check it out at the link below.

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Naught 2 – Sean

Naught 2 is the sequel to the popular (albeit small compared to other games) Naught.


The game itself is devoid of color for the most part, only black and white with varying degrees of gray shades in between. You start off as a little catlike creature, Naught, in search of the evil darkness that is over taking this strange underground world.
Play with gravity to help guide him through this astonishing piece of gaming design. You can control gravity by either on-screen controls that tilt the world left or right along with Naught’s jump button. The other way is to tilt the device in a full 360° to spin the world on its axis.

Truly worth the time and small expenditure on your part. The in-game art is truly beautiful.

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GetHuman – Kenny

Ever been frustrated by obnoxious hold times when trying to a company’s customer service person on the phone? Fret no more! GetHuman aims to alleviate your woes with their handy app! GetHuman is an app that is designed to do exactly what the name implies – get a human on the phone. The app is extremely simple. So simple, in fact, that Grandma could seriously use this with no effort. You open the app to a scrolling list of companies for which GetHuman has data. It’s a gigantic list, so a handy search icon at the top lets you narrow down your results. Once you’ve found the company you wish to call, you select it, and you’re taken to the listing page for them. It shows an overall rating for the company and their phone system, a number where they can be reached, a “Call me back” option, and an e-mail address for their customer service department.

Under the contact phone number is a description of what to do in order to get through the voice prompts and speak directly to a real, live, breathing human being! If that’s too much effort, the “Call Me Back” option is probably more for you. By selecting this, you are given the option to input your phone number in a pop-up text box. After entering your number, GetHuman will schedule a representative from that company to call you when it’s you turn in line. No more waiting on the phone with terrible hold music ever again! GetHuman says that they never store or retain the phone numbers for any reason. They simply pass them on to the respective company.

For a measly dollar, you can show your support for this astonishing database and support a truly good cause. Your buck also removes ads, so it’s win-win. Give it a shot and stop waiting on hold with Comcast all afternoon!

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Image Credits: Android Fan Network