Free Chromecast with Purchase of Moto X until 1/14/14

Moto X Free Chromecast

If you haven’t taken the hint, Motorola really wants you to enjoy a Moto X. First they ran a Black Friday sale, then they tried to run it again, then a few days later they did it again. Then they permanently cut the price to $399 for the 16GB and $449 for the 32GB version.

If for some reason you did not jump before, Motorola is now giving away a free Chromecast if you purchase your Moto X off contract before January 14th and use the promo code “STREAM.” This is arguably the best Android phone on the market now, and it is priced well below comparable smartphones off contract. Is a free Chromecast enough to make you switch over? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on G+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or email us or, well you get the point. We’re available.

Source: Motorola

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