Review: KAYSCASE Slim Soft Gel Cover Case for Nexus 5

The Kay’s Case Slim Soft Gel Cover Case is decent quality TPU that provides basic protection for your Nexus 5.

The case goes on easy enough. Sides are formed in a transparent TPU while the back has a “frost” to it along with a printed Kay’s Case logo in the bottom right.

Your power and volume buttons are covered with this one but the TPU material is not so thick that you have to press twice or press hard to operate them. The cutout around the micro-USB is large enough you can use pretty much any cable you have on hand and all the cutouts are nice and centered so they will not get in the way of the charing port, speaker or microphone.

On the top end of the case, there is ample room around the headphone jack so there should be no issues there. The back is thick enough that you don’t need to worry about the camera lens getting scratched up but wireless charging works fine. Around the front bezel is a lip that will keep the glass off of a surface.

You can find the  Slim Soft Gel Cover Case at Kay’s Case Amazon store in clear, smoked, blue and pink.

David Quillinan

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