Review: KAYSCASE ArmorBox Heavy Duty Cover Case for the Nexus 5

The KAYSCASE ArmorBox Heavy Duty Cover Case for the Nexus 5 is a two-part case with an inner TPU layer paired with a hard protective outside shell.
The TPU half fits nice and snug over the Nexus 5 and the hard outside polycarbonate shell clicks into place around the TPU quite easy. Buttons are responsive under the TPU and you do not lose the “clicky” feeling. Cutouts are also good and you will not have any issues with clearance around the micro-USB port or using large headphone plug. The edge of the TPU at the screen is raised so do not worry about setting your Nexus 5 glass down on a flat surface.

Both inside layer has ridges along the left and right edges that become guides for your fingers when holding it. This makes the ArmorBox a pretty comfortable case to hold and the outer shell has a knobby tire type texture on the back adding to the grip. This case is not going to slip out of your hands by accident. Last thing to mention, the ArmorBox also features a kickstand, something I truly miss from my Evo days.

All in all, the KAYSCASE ArmorBox offers really solid protection for your Nexus 5 and is certainly worth a look. You can find the ArmorBox for $15 in their Amazon store in a black, blue, green, pink or red TPU layer with black outer shell.

David Quillinan

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