Verizon selling the Chromecast online


This is hardly news that’s going to rock your foundation, but pretty cool news nonetheless. With the Chromecast’s wide availability now Verizon may not be the place you’ll necessarily get your Chromecast, but it’s nice that Verizon see’s how great of a device this little dongle is and now has it for sale online (online only at the moment). 

For those of you that have $35 laying around and want an absolutely handy little gadget that makes your TV and Android devices just that much more bad ass…  Go get a Chromecast. The Chromecast supported app list is starting to grow at a rapid pace. My wife and I use our Chromecast for music and movies almost daily. The $35 I spent on that dang fun dongle has been worth every penny.

Source: Verizon

David Quillinan

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