Samsung to Release 64-bit Chip at MWC 2014


Three days ago Samsung announced that they will be developing their own 64-bit chip for use in their mobile devices in the future. Now Taipei-based Digitimes is citing sources that Samsung will launch 64-bit processors in 2014. They are also claiming that the phones will have WQHD (2560×1440 resolution) and 16 megapixel cameras. Samsung Display is rumored to be starting production of the display very soon and it is meant for all high end devices in 2014. Apple has already gone to market with a 64-bit chip, and Samsung Galaxy S4 sales have been disappointing to date. All of this points to Samsung trying to make a big splash for MWC 2014. This should make for an interesting S5.

Rumored specs for the upcoming S5:
-64-bit processor
-Android 4.4 Kit Kat
-WQHD Display
-16 megapixel camera
-metal body

Now that Samsung is perfecting their hardware, maybe they could work on TouchWiz a little?

Source: CNET, Digitimes, BBC

Via: Munchy

Samsung Logo: silicon ANGLE

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  • Dave12118

    Yes. Slim down Touchwiz please Samsung. Its getting a little obnoxious.