Still Living The Dream with The GS4

This is for or all of those that are still in the process of making the leap to a better more robust smartphone with an incredible “Androidness” about it.  I am still living the dream with the Samsung GS4.  I have never been happier owning an Android device so compatible with my lifestyle and jammed packed with cool features.  I get crazy thinking of all the things I can do with this phone to make my life easier.  I have barely scratched the surface.   I have totally abandoned my iPad and have been using my GS4 for everything.  Yes the iPad has a bigger screen and I can see more at one time.  However, it’s what’s inside this Android powerhouse that matters most.  I don’t have to wait for iOS 7 to make features better on my smartphone as Android 4.2 Jelly Bean already does the trick with the same features as what has not yet been released yet with iOS 7 but better and there are more features still yet to come.  I use my Android smartphone for e-mail, Google+, photos, video and web browsing just to name a few and there are endless options that make this phone the next best thing.  I take photos all the time using all the Camera modes that the Samsung GS4 has to offer and they get instantly uploaded to both my Google+ and Dropbox account in the blink of an eye.  Yes, other phones can do the same thing but it’s how the photos look on my killer  5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED™ display that’s powered by a robust 1.9GHz quad-core processor  before they get uploaded.   Crisp, clear and gentle to the touch is all I can say.  I view my photos with brilliant color and float my hand across the screen to view the next photo.  I can also check my notifications with one swipe of the hand and flick them away with another swipe.  I have also used the Watch ON app to control my Direct TV.  Yes this app doubles as a remote when I can’t find the one that came with the TV.  There was no code to enter or setting to tweak it just worked.  I also use the GS4, as I mentioned earlier, to browse the web with Google Chrome to keep up with my favorite “pinned” site or keep up with Google+ Communities and share comments faster than superman.  Ok, maybe not that fast… but fast enough with no lag or delays.  It’s the lifestyle, you have to live it not get dragged down.  I never miss a beat with my music either.  I have the Winamp app loaded that keep my music organized and ready for play whenever I am ready.  With the GS4 at my side, I have never been without a way to stay connected with social media, sports, and navigation. I am eager to find out what Samsung is going to do to improve this beast or what the new version of “Jelly Bean” 4.3 is going to do to make things better not to mention “Key Lime Pie 5.0”.  Android has not let me down in the least.  I am not strapped for apps or the flow of a speedy phone knowing the processor that runs under the screen is turbo charged.

About Frank LaTorre

I live for every little technological advances we are making to make things better and easier. You can almost say it consumes me. I used to be a die-hard PC guy, building from the case up to the motherboard and installing software over and over again. Now I am all about the MAC because it just works with no questions asked except when it comes to Smart Phones I am all Android. Android is like art and the greatest masterpiece the freedom of expression. I have designed websites, and dabble in video editing trying to capture life’s most precious moments. I will give you the good the bad and the ugly. There will be some spilled milk along the way as we learn from our mistakes. As an AFN writer, I will tell you how it is and let you make the ultimate decision and make you feel confident that you did. Just keep in mind, I am not only human but part Android.