Wallbase wallpaper app

I know there are tons of wallpaper app reviews out there but Wallbase is the bees knees when it comes to wallpaper quality and dimensions.Anyone who owns an Android device loves the customization’s that comes with Android.  Android has widgets, custom launchers, folders, lock screen apps, live wallpapers and so much more that other platforms don’t offer (I’m looking at you Apple).  All of these customization’s can be done with out rooting your device also (again, I’m looking at you Apple).

Let’s be honest.  Wallpapers are one of our favorite ways to make our devices look like ours and a way to express ourselves when showing friends our phones.  ZEDGE is probably the most popular wallpaper app in the Play Store.  ZEDGE, while being a great wallpaper app with a ton of options isn’t the best option available for crisp – clean wallpapers.

Wallbase is my personal favorite wallpaper app available at the moment.  If you’re looking for a specific color scheme, sports team, interest or whatever is your flavor that day, Wallbase will most likely have you covered.  It gives you previews of the wallpaper and the dimensions.  If you’re rocking a Nexus 10 or a Samsung Galaxy S III, you can make sure the dimensions are fit for your device before you apply the wallpaper.

There’s also a SFW and SKETCHY toggle option on the home screen.  So if you’re not looking for a wallpaper with Megan Fox soaking wet laying on a beautiful car then I suggest keeping it on safe for work.  I personally keep it on sketchy – who doesn’t want Megan Fox on their phone? ;-)

There’s also a paid version that removes the ads.  But if you’re rooted there’s always AdAway.  I like to support the developers so I buy the ad free versions.

Hop on over to the Google Play and get Megan Fox on that sexy device of yours!