AT&T Offering T-Mobile Customers up to $450 to Switch Carriers


AT&T announced a new promotion to lure T-Mobile customers into changing wireless providers. For a limited time, AT&T will give T-Mobile customers up to $450 to “upgrade their mobile lifestyle.” To qualify, you must trade in a smartphone for up to $250 and then either purchase a new device on the Next plan, purchase an AT&T device at full retail, or simply activate your own device on a new line of service for the other $200 credit. This only applies to Mobile Share Plans, not 2 year contracts. The fine print also states that you must maintain an account in good standing for 90 days to receive the credit.

Does this make you want to jump ship and head over to AT&T? I think I will be fine staying with T-Mobile, but if you feel differently then please let us know in the comments.


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