CyanogenMod For The Oppo N1 Available For Download Now


CyanogenMod for the Oppo N1

As promised earlier, Oppo has released CyanogenMod firmware for the Oppo N1 devices bundled with Oppo’s ColorOS. Oppo says this CyanogenMod firmware was customized to support N1′s innovative hardware and software features like rotating camera, O-Touch panel, and O-Click Bluetooth remote control. Unique features from ColorOS like double tap to wake and screen-off gestures were also included.

Check this post at Oppoforums for firmware download links and detailed instructions on how to flash CyanogenMod firmware. These instructions are self explanatory. You just need to download and copy the firmware to your device, Launch system update which takes you to recovery, wipe data, choose, install the firmware you have copied earlier, and reboot the device.

If you prefer the look and feel of COlorOS, you can revert it to by downloading and flashing the ColorOS firmware using the same instructions you followed for flashing CyanogenMod.

Source : OppoForums

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