Motorola Releases New Details for Moto X Sale Tomorrow

Moto X

Motorola has just released details about exactly how the Cyber Monday make up sale will work tomorrow. On Wednesday, December the 4th at 12PM EST, and then again on Monday the 9th at 12PM EST, they will offer a customized Moto X for $150 off of the normal off contract price. They will be also including 30% off accessories with the promo code “THANKS.” The promotion will be live each day for as long as quantities are available.

The difference this time will be that you will receive a code after purchase instead of designing the phone immediately. This is most likely to reduce strain on the site being you have one week to redeem the code. All of the fine print is on the link below. Who is lining up for round 2? Happy shopping!

Link : Motorola Blog

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