$150 off for off contract Moto X’s. We’re talking Nexus 5 prices now.


Cyber Monday is just a few days away and the Moto X will be $150 cheaper for off contract Moto X’s. That includes 16G, 32G, Dev Editions, and Moto Maker custom Moto X’s.

On Cyber Monday, the 16G Moto X will be $350 and the 32G model will be $400, and that’s off contract pricing. If you’re debating on a Moto X or a Nexus 5 this Monday, pricing should be no factor in your decision process.

I personally use both the Nexus 5 and Moto X as my daily drivers and are in my top 3 Android phones for 2013.

Here’s what Motorola Mobility had to say on Google+ -

Thinking about Cyber Monday already? We’ll be offering a $150 discount on any off-contract Moto X, including Moto Maker and Dev Edition. Supplies will be limited, so stay tuned for more details.

Update: Starts at 8:00AM CST and good for Monday 12/2 only.


Source: Google+

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