Get 50G of free storage from the BOX app on your Nexus 5


As we all know Nexus devices don’t have expandable storage via SD card slot for the time being (fingers crossed for future Nexus devices). Which makes cloud services an absolute blessing for us proud Nexus 5 owners (especially us 16G owners).

The BOX cloud storage app normally offers 10 gigs of storage for new users that download the app and register at their website. Luckily for us Nexus 5 owners that initial storage capacity has been bumped to 50G (and that’s a lot of storage for the average person). If you already have storage with BOX the additional 50G is added on top.

Pretty simple to get that 50 gigs of storage from BOX folks. Grab that Nexus 5 of yours, download the BOX app, login or register for an account and BAM!!!  You’ve got 50G of free cloud storage from the friendly folks at BOX.

Google Play link for BOX

David Quillinan

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