Cracked Xperia phone screen?

If you have any of the following devices from Sony listed below, then good news for you.  As pointed out by droid102 in his thread on XDA, and seemingly pseudo confirmed on Xperia blog, Sony will be treating certain cracks in phones as IN Warranty exchanges/replacements.

Xperia Z (C66xx/L36h/SO-02E)

Xperia ZR (C55xx/M36h/SO-04E)

Xperia V (LT25x, SO-01E, SOL21)
Xperia UL (SOL 22)
Xperia Z Ultra (C68xx, XL39h)

If you your device is in the list above, and your screen happens to look like the images below, then Sony it seems, will treat it as an IN-warranty replacement.

sony crackedNote that the screens pictured only have a singular crack in them, with no apparent signs of physical damage or abuse.

(credit droid102 for pictures shown)

If your screen looks like the devices pictured below, then you’re out of luck.  The devices below show obvious signs of abuse and WILL NOT be replaced under warranty.

sony really cracked

Should your phone fit the descriptions above, do try and contact Sony about getting it fixed under warranty.  Please let us know in the comments below should you get it fixed or not, and what hassles you may have given during the process.

Until more people come forward with confirmation of the exchange/replacement process, please take this with small regard as to its validity.


Source: xda, Xperia blog

Via: Munchy

Credit: for title image


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  • Hamza

    Hey, I have an Xperia Z1 that has a singular crack going down the top, which just happened randomly out of the blue. Do you believe they will cover this, as it is not listed in the devices above.

  • tensacross

    i have an xperia x ultra with a single crack and they would NOT fix it under warranty, and im really angry i spent so much money on this supposed dustproof/water resistant phone that cant even make it thru a couple months in a a pocket without cracking. gimme a break sony. never again!